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Three classifications

  1. Five "natural" groups:
    • Lemuriformes - Madagascar lemurs
    • Lorisiformes - loris
    • Tarsiiformes - tarsiers
    • Platyrhini - New World monkeys
    • Catarhini - Old World monkeys, apes, and humans
  2. Two suborders:
    • Prosimii (prosimians) - lemurs, loris, and tarsiers
    • Antropoidea (simians) - monkeys, apes, and humans
  3. In recignition that phylogenetically tarsiers are closer to simians than to lemurs and loris:
    • Strepsirrhini - strepsirrhine primates with a moist rhinarium ("wet-nosed" primates): lemurs and loris
    • Haplorrhini - haplorrhine primates lacking rhinarium ("dry-nosed" primates): tarsiers and higher primates

Primates taxonomy and species

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